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HIVE is a gaming community. With two aspects we must satisfy, gaming and the sense of community.  We  have game specific divisions, meaning a division that houses one entire game with regiments and companies underneath them satisfying different time zones and different platforms. We throw our dedicated support towards building games before moving onto the next. But we also still satisfy the sense of community by making our server quite an active hub where people socialize. People will laugh, meet new people, fight, joke around, share etc. This is what a community is about and what we have right now.

We are also a place of opportunity.

There is opportunities everywhere and we personally allow creative freedom to flow in companies and departments. Opportunity is what drives most people to go up in the ranks and try to better HIVE as a whole. There are 3 values that we have come to appreciate throughout our gaming community experience. These 3 values are loyalty, friendship, and your trust in others. These are the 3 heavy values we try to instill into HIVE as we grow we have all learned what they mean and why they are important.

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