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Dauntless Company

“Dauntless”, the definition of showing fearlessness and determination. We may be the youth of VORSOC, but we hold our selves to do our best each and everyday just like the adults. We may be a bunch of kids, but we show leadership and selflessness like the adults. In the modern world teens live in, the younger generation isn’t too informed about what truly goes on in the world outside the walls of the classroom or the internet we hold so dear. We are all raised and informed to treat others with respect and have proper manners, be honest with one another, and do what we can to help others in need. Whether we’re playing games or dealing with real life issues, we put ourselves in the direction of the action and take everything head on so we may rise to our potential. We may be young, but man we are fierce. If you get the opportunity to step into Dauntless Company you feel accepted right from the day you join, treated with respect, and like one of our own family members. We may be off the wall at times, but we resemble family. Family means everything to us, we know not everyone has the luxuries that some have over others, we’re always there for one another when we’re called for action. You tired of the struggle, to find acceptance for truly being yourself? Ever feel like throwing in the towel cause you can’t find people to game with or even make potential friendships? Well look no further. Let’s demonstrate the word “Dauntless” together, have a few laughs on the way, and take on the world together? Dauntless awaits!

~ YellowJacket494 (Maj)

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