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2MD - Second Marine Division

Representing a military styled gaming community replicating military tactics in the virtual battlefield of World War II on Battlefield V. We are currently branching out into Fall Out, devising plans utilizing military tactics and a chain of command. We crush souls, and stack virtual bodies together as a team. We are an ADULT ONLY MILSIM, so if you are under the age of 18, you will not be allowed to join; nor will childish behavior be tolerated. We are a MILSIM (military simulation group) that obliterates our competition in a respectful manner. Our community boosts resources to help our teammates during life’s trials, such as a Chaplin’s Corner. Our motto is “Follow Me”, so follow us to a respectful community who loves to play as a team to win!

Leadership: General Pick_John; Lt.Gen. KING TRIFORCE; Maj.Gen. WarKitten; Colonel Carefullybad and Reg. Sgt.Maj. Flesh Gorgeous

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